Generate a GraphViz representation of the dependency graph

Updated 2 months ago

CLI File Encryptor

Updated 3 months ago

PHP Torrent File Class

Updated 4 months ago

A wrapper for the standard ext-json with sane defaults

Updated 5 months ago

PHP Bencode (BitTorrent) Encoder/Decoder

Updated 6 months ago

MonsterID adaptation for Composer and modern PHP versions

Updated 6 months ago

CLI menu for Symfony Console

Updated 7 months ago

Example repo for the article at

Updated 7 months ago

Future compatible is_resource() and get_resource_type() that can understand opaque objects


Updated 7 months ago

PHP 0 0

YAML support plugin for composer

Updated 8 months ago

Simple and fast methods to read private properties and call private methods

Updated 1 year ago

A PHP class for checking the status of an enabled Minecraft server

Updated 2 years ago