YAML support plugin for composer
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Composer Yaml

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(Almost) real support for yaml in Composer for your local project! As easy as composer yaml update!


Global installation is required

composer global require sandfoxme/composer-yaml


The plugin adds a proxy command yaml that allows Composer to read config from composer.yml file

What works

  • composer yaml install
  • composer yaml update

What doesn't work

  • composer yaml require: add your dependencies manually
  • Reading composer.y[a]ml from other repositories: it's only for your local project

What might be broken

  • Other plugins (probably. composer-viz was tested successfully however)
  • Other proxy commands (do not combine it with global, obviously)


Read full documentation here: https://sandfox.dev/composer-yaml.html


The library is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License. See LICENSE.md