Future compatible is_resource() and get_resource_type() that can understand opaque objects
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IsResource: PHP Resource Compatibility Helper

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is_resource() and get_resource_type() that work with opaque objects.



use Arokettu\IsResource as r;

$hash = hash_init('md5');

// vanilla functions:
is_resource($hash); // true in PHP <= 7.1, false in PHP >= 7.2
get_resource_type($hash); // "Hash Context" in PHP <= 7.1, null or TypeError in PHP >= 7.2

// library functions:
r\is_resource($hash); // true
r\get_resource_type($hash); // "Hash Context"


composer require arokettu/is-resource


Read full documentation here: https://sandfox.dev/php/is-resource.html

Also on Read the Docs: https://is-resource.readthedocs.io/


The library is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.