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# journald-native
A systemd-journal native logging lib wrapper.
9 years ago
[See sd-journal help for more info](
## Usage
require 'journald/native'
## Constants
Constants are used to denote a log level
Available constants:
Journald::LOG_EMERG # system is unusable
Journald::LOG_ALERT # action must be taken immediately
Journald::LOG_CRIT # critical conditions
Journald::LOG_ERR # error conditions
Journald::LOG_WARNING # warning conditions
Journald::LOG_NOTICE # normal but significant condition
Journald::LOG_INFO # informational
Journald::LOG_DEBUG # debug-level messages
9 years ago
systemd-journal uses syslog constants to denote level therefore they are equal to those of the Syslog module,
e.g. ```Journald::LOG_WARNING == Syslog::LOG_WARNING```.
[See syslog man page for more info](
## Methods
Methods of Journald::Native class wrap systemd-journal calls.
[See sd-journal help for more info](
Journald::Native.send "MESSAGE=message", "PRIORITY=#{Journald::LOG_WARNING}"
Journald::Native.print Journald::LOG_WARNING, "message"
Journald::Native.perror "message"
It is not recommended to use ```print``` and ```perror``` as you may lose ```'\0'``` byte in your string due to
C zero-terminated string format (all zero bytes in the middle will be removed) On the contrary ```send``` uses
binary buffers and does not have such shortcoming.
## License
Licensed under the MIT License. See ```LICENSE.txt``` for more info