systemd-journal logging interface wrapper for ruby (donated to theforeman, kept as a mirror)
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A systemd-journal native logging lib wrapper. See sd-journal help for more info


require 'journald/native'


Constants are used to denote a log level

Available constants:

Journald::LOG_EMERG     # system is unusable
Journald::LOG_ALERT     # action must be taken immediately
Journald::LOG_CRIT      # critical conditions
Journald::LOG_ERR       # error conditions
Journald::LOG_WARNING   # warning conditions
Journald::LOG_NOTICE    # normal but significant condition
Journald::LOG_INFO      # informational
Journald::LOG_DEBUG     # debug-level messages

systemd-journal uses syslog constants to denote level therefore they are equal to those of the Syslog module, e.g. Journald::LOG_WARNING == Syslog::LOG_WARNING. See syslog man page for more info


Methods of Journald::Native class wrap systemd-journal calls. See sd-journal help for more info

Journald::Native.send "MESSAGE=message", "PRIORITY=#{Journald::LOG_WARNING}"
Journald::Native.print Journald::LOG_WARNING, "message"
Journald::Native.perror "message"

It is not recommended to use print and perror as you may lose '\0' byte in your string due to C zero-terminated string format (all zero bytes in the middle will be removed) On the contrary send uses binary buffers and does not have this shortcoming.


Licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for more info