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= Query String Proxy

> *_The package is not recommended if you don't need PHP 7.1.x or PHP 8+ support, just use league packages directly_*

> *_The package provides install time compatibility, not runtime compatibility.
> It may be useful for other libraries, not for end projects_*

A proxy class to use PHP League's QueryString class both in PHP 7.1 and PHP 8+.

== Installation

composer require arokettu/query-string-proxy

== Usage

Use `Arokettu\Uri\QueryStringProxy` in place of `League\Uri\Components\QueryString`.

Refer to the original docs for more help:


== How it works

In PHP 7.1 the package requires `league/uri-query-parser ^1` (requires PHP 7.1, does not support PHP8)
and aliases `QueryStringProxy` to `League\Uri\Parser\QueryString`.

In PHP 7.2+ the package requires `league/uri-components ^2` (requires PHP 7.2, supports PHP8)
and aliases `QueryStringProxy` to `League\Uri\QueryString`.

== Dependency graphs

| image:docs/images/php-7.1.svg[PHP 7.1]
| image:docs/images/php-7.2.svg[PHP 7.2+]
^| PHP 7.1
^| PHP 7.2+