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A simple helper to introduce HSV/HSB model support to SASS.


The helper tries to mimic hsl() syntax from css.

The easiest way to import the helper is to use node-sass-package-importer.

// node-sass-package-importer path syntax, adjust for your favorite importer
@use "~sass-hsv" as *;

a {
    // the simplest
    color: hsv(270, 50%, 100%); // #bf7fff
    // use other angle units for h and fractions for s & v
    color: hsv(0.75turn, 0.5, 1); // #bf7fff
    // use alpha channel
    color: hsv(270, 50%, 100%, 0.5); // rgba(191, 127, 255, 0.5)

    // aliases
    color: hsb(270, 50%, 100%); // same as hsv()
    color: hsva(270, 50%, 100%, 1); // same as hsv($h, $s, $v, $a) but alpha param is required
    color: hsba(270, 50%, 100%, 1); // same as hsva()


Read full documentation here:

Also on Read the Docs:


Please file issues on our main repo at GitLab:


The library is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.